MASAI PEOPLES – Legal Support to Fight Illegal Land Grabs in the Serengeti

Serengeti, Tanzania

Africa Lion - All that is Africa
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Masai Indigenous art is fantastic
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Chimu and elders happy to help

Land Rights Project: Financial support for legal defenses and protection of ancestral lands of the Masai Indigenous Peoples of Tanzania & Kenya against the Illegal cattle relocation (genocide) for the benefit of royal members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

The proud and stoic Masai of Central Africa represent all that is Africa. Adorned in brilliantly colored tribal shawls, a staff and massive ornate, decorative jewelry, the Masai are peaceful nomadic guardians of the Serengeti and beyond. Since the Masai do not eat wild game, they follow their goat and cattle herds beyond drought towards rainfall for survival.

Recently the Masai’s livelihood and life have been threatened by the Illegal livestock relocation and threats of further restrictive acts by their governments, due to their negotiations with a GCC state which would allow the Masai ancestral land as part of their personal hunting grounds, restricting the Masai’s the use of their own land and threatening their livelihood. Gulf Cooperation Council is a regional intergovernmental political and economic union consisting of all Arab states of the Persian Gulf, except for Iraq. Its member states are the Islamic monarchies of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. During the Inti Raymi Fund’s attendance at the 2013 Conference of the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples in New York, we discovered this breach of the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) requirement of Free, Prior and Informed Consent with the negotiations between the Tanzanian Government and the GCC State(s). Knowing that “Land is Life” and the “Livestock is Life” for the Masai, the Inti Raymi Fund decided to financially support the Masai’s legal and social media fight for survival.

This area of concern affects roughly 40% of their current 4,000 square kilometers of family and cattle grazing lands and affects the lives of approximately 66,000 Masai People.

As a direct and indirect result of the Inti Raymi Fund’s support along with others, we discovered the Prime Minister of Tanzania announced their rescission of their previous actions on the GCC land lease within the Masai Lands. This is a wonderful example how publicity, an open mind, and a good conscience on the part of elected officials can make a difference by doing the right thing in support of the Indigenous Peoples of the world.

Long Live the Masai of Tanzania & Kenya territories! What can your donation do? Everything we do affects others…no matter how small, or how generous.

The Inti Raymi Fund is confident with our approach, honesty and transparency; therefore, we have provided a link to our contacts within the Masai Community through their Web Site.  We encourage you to contact them directly and support their wonderful community and development, if their message resonates with you.

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The Inti Raymi Fund was inspired to visit and support the Masaai, by articles by Aljazeera attached here.




Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: August, 2013

Completion Date: August, 2013

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 66,000



Team Members


Ole Masaa K. John & David Mbuya.