ASHANINKA PEOPLES – School & Art Supplies

Simkiote, Ucayali River Village, Peru

Local hand dug out canoe
Chimi with guide & friend Gilber.
Ucuyali River view from plane.
Chimu with Inti Raymi Fund Banner.
Chimu with local of the Simkiote Village.
Simkiote Village
Chimu with leader and his wife
Simkiote Village School
Interior of Simkiote Village School
Young Ashaninka girl
Ashaninka matriarch weaving
Simkiote leader at sunrise

Peru, the place that stole my heart, that renews my soul and spirit.  It allows me to be free and think like a free man, without constraints, where every day is a new beginning; where, I can begin again and follow the path I was intended to take.  I can fly and I can dream. This is where it began for me, this journey.  The womb of this land gave birth to the idea of the Inti Raymi Fund; it grew until it became tangible.  Every moment and every action has lead me to be here, and to do this- Chimu


On July 2012, the Inti Raymi Fund set in a small boat up the Ucayali River traveling 175 kilometers, in search of an extremely remote village untouched by modern, western ways and found this small village of Simkiote.  It took the community a bit of time to get used to us, but upon gentle approach, we realized that they too had some of the modern amenities but were extremely limited in scope. Many of their ways remained traditional and unspoiled, which provided us the insight into other villages which are “beyond return” to old traditional ways and others such as this village which needed only a slight “gentle hand” with assistance. This is our reason for the minimal amount of funding of only $1,401, because they were lucky and didn’t need much from the outside world.

The Inti Raymi Fund provided: books, art supplies, a complete set of school supplies, a complete set of table and chairs for the school and sporting equipment for the village children of Simkiote Village along the Ucayali River, Peru. The Simkiote Community was an example of harmony in the Jungle, which required little intervention; all they asked for were these minimal items.  The whole idea behind the Inti Raymi Fund is to provide the assistance THEY need with respect and dignity so that they preserve their way of life, their culture and pride.

Video shown below is from a nearby community of the Shipibo Peoples, different but similar to the Ashaninka Peoples of the Amazon.

Deseo poco, y lo poco que deseo, lo deseo poco- Facundo Cabral

“I wish for little, and the little that I wish for, I wish for, little.”

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: July, 2012

Completion Date: July, 2012

Funded so far: $1,401 USD

Total Project: $1,401 USD

Lives Affected: 250



Team Members


CHIMU - IRF Director, Villager, Gilber Reategui Sangama