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We are a non-profit organization (501c3), which Respectfully Supports People through a variety of ways.  We search the world’s Geopolitical News & attend United Nations Conferences to find Noble Causes to support.  We document these projects we support, to Raise Awareness of these causes and to explain how we help communities.

Almost every Project on our web site has been designed and implemented by each Community, providing them Dignity & Respect by this process.  This Self-Determination Approach is the reason for our extraordinarily diverse portfolio.


Inti Raymi Fund’s Global Reach

Our Goal is to support at least one group of People in every country of the corld.  Our web site shows the diverse projects because of the extremely diverse regions of the world.  We attempt to show the endless ways you can help others, by providing this platform for awareness. We hope to create a sense of curiosity and empathy so that you may get involved and help directly.  We hope you find your Passion and follow it wherever it leads you in the pursuit of helping others.

Respectfully, Chimu

If our message resonates with and you feel "we could help you, to help others", please contact us.



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