The Inti Raymi Fund is an International Non-Profit Organization (501c-3), helping Indigenous Peoples globally with their battles caused by greed, hatred & discrimination from others. We use this web site to raise awareness of the infinite opportunities to Share with Others.

“CHIMU”-Founder Video Presented by Wells Fargo Bank

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Chimu to Climb Everest in 2015 for the "Climb for YOUR Cause" Campaign

Chimu is seeking sponsorship for this climb via a gift into a charitable organization of “YOUR” choice. Everest is 29,029 feet high, please consider giving a set about for each foot climbed. Details will be provided soon, as we create a format for record keeping, but start thinking about what cause you believe in, but just haven’t had the catalyst to donate until now. I’ll do the heavy lifting, you write the check! Thank you in advance, Chimu


If this mission resonates with you and you are interested in matching funds with our family, please contact us.

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