The Inti Raymi Fund is a non-profit organization, which helps people globally through self-empowerment projects, and by using this web site to raise awareness of the endless ways to help others.

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Wells Fargo Bank lends support to the Inti Raymi Fund's Efforts

The Inti Raymi Fund received a powerful endorsement today through the Wells Fargo Bank team!

Through Wells Fargo Bank’s support for human rights, respect for others and community involvement, they have recognized the Inti Raymi Fund’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of our inter-connectedness and about the importance to share with others when you have “more than enough”.

If you look a little closer, Wells Fargo Bank offers much more that just banking, they offer respect and dignity for others.

Immense thanks goes out to Brian Biggs with Wells Fargo Bank, John Ettorre – writer, Jeff Wilson – photographer and Michael Cogliantry – interviewer, who all helped make this video and print article so wonderful.

The full Wells Fargo Bank article can be viewed at the link below (copy & paste):


If this mission resonates with you and you are interested in matching funds with our family, please contact us.

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