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We are a Non-Profit Organization (“NGO or 501c-3”), which Respectfully Supports People through Self-Determination Projects within their Communities.  Seven days a week, we search the world’s geopolitical news sources, then visit, financially support, then report about these meaningful causes.

Occasionally, we directly support organizations in the field, when we feel the organization is highly ethical & effective and can effectuate our mission better than we can for that cause.

Our Goal is to Inspire You to Get Involved, Researching & Share Directly with Others

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We just completed our travels throughout Iran, visiting dozens of fascinating mosques, archeological ruins, markets, bazaars, and restaurants. The greatest take away from Iran was the amazingly friendly people we met who were ecstatic to welcome us as Americans! We honestly never expected such a warm welcome and the overwhelming safety of travel. We strongly recommend you put Iran on your must see “bucket list”. Historical sites pre-dating the Romans by thousands of years. Cisterns and aquaducts for desert living, desert adobe ice factories for ice sales along the Silk Road trade route, hydro-duct air-conditioning systems thousands of years old. Brilliant in mathematics, science, music, architecture laying the foundation for the Romans to falsely label their own brilliance. Iranian ancient and modern civilization is simple the most fascinating and misunderstood we’ve ever experienced. Please consider this ultimate paradigm shifting experience.

Visit our Iran page to see just a few of the thousands of photos we took of the warm smiles we were greeted with. Additionally, you can read about how the Inti Raymi Fund supported the local community, through some Afghani War Refugees we met along the way. (photo to left)


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