MAIDAN SQUARE PROTESTS – Journalist Support to Correct War Propaganda

Kiev, Ukraine

The difficulties of trying to understand International Politics when most of the input is rampant propaganda

A Tid Bit Back Story

On August 2014, the Inti Raymi Fund spent roughly a week in Kiev, Ukraine and while there, visited the Maidan Independent Square.  This historically significant landmark has been the traditional location of large-scale, radical protests and rallies since the start of the Independence movement, the most current being the ongoing “Euromaidan”.  This political protest movement in 2014 ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and put Petro Poroshenko in power. Its very name “Maidan” commemorates Ukranian independence from Russia. Memorials have been placed all around this square in support of those who were killed (over 100) by undetermined, but suspected, Russian sniper fire in the recent, ongoing conflict.

At this time, we met with the Maidan Press Center team who had been volunteering their journalism, photography and media expertise tirelessly since before the protests in February, 2014. Since then, Ukraine has moved into a positive democratic direction, guided by the newly nominated and elected president, Petro Poroshenko,

From the New York times, November 2014- The most recent development  “Russia, prompted by counter-revolutionary sentiment in the Crimean Peninsula, staged a military intervention and subsequently annexed the region in a move largely condemned by the international community. Fighting between government forces and pro-Russian separatists has continued despite domestic and international efforts to de-escalate the crisis.”

About the Maidan Press Center

Because the previous government, under Victor Yanukovych, lacked transparency, the Maidan Press Center was created in 12/20/2000 as a reaction to government efforts to block information distribution about the political opposition activities and spread misinformation about civil protest actions. Efforts to obstruct the flow of free information resulted in Maidan’s decision to move to a server outside Ukraine in order to provide a platform from which the Press and News agencies could broadcast. They also provided the Press with offices, video capabilities and free wi-fi. This platform has been available, free of charge, to journalists writing for the Free Press. The struggle for the truth and a more transparent democracy in the shadows of the perpetual propaganda created by the Russia government is ongoing, thanks to these brave people.

Int Raymi Fund Lends it Support to Maidan Press 

To further the Maidan Press Center’s cause for fair and just governance by the people allowing full disclosure of information, the Inti Raymi Fund lent their emotional and financial support for the continued efforts of the six tireless volunteers. We gave help with their “out of pocket” costs and general expenses, and their direct and indirect costs to maintain the Maidan Press Center facilities and the EuroMaidan Cause against the Propaganda Machine.

The Inti Raymi Fund became aware of the Maidan Square Protests and crisis through the Guardian News Article Attached.

We believe highly in this cause and the efforts of the Maidan Press volunteers to guarantee freedom of speech and democratic representation of the people. Further, we encourage you to contact them with support and follow them on their social media pages. Please contact the Maidan Press Center.

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Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: August, 2014

Completion Date: August, 2014

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 1,000



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