PUNTLAND PEOPLES – Support for 8 Community Entrepreneurial Projects

Aw-Barkatle , Somalia

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Groups discuss and nominate leaders
7 of the 8 elected representatives were women


As you drive through the tiny roadside community of Aw-Barkatle, a village in the Puntland State of Somalia, you see a colorful collage of textiles and metal scraps rapidly flash before you, but if you just stop and look closer, you will find a beautifully cohesive community, rich in personality. The variety of hues in the building materials which at first caught my eye, are a necessity from past wars, famine and destruction caused by others. The collage of materials builds their houses.  Aw-Barkatle, filled with laughter, offers a rare glimpse into the lives of truly happy people. There are tightly knitted village, which cherish community, friendship and family. In today’s world where consumerism reigns, the beauty of their happiness, fulfillment and the simplicity of life is refreshing. Over the past twenty years, due to multiple wars and famine, there have been roughly four million Somalis either displaced or in need of emergency food aid.

The Inti Raymi Fund visited this cohesive community extensively over the period of a week, getting to know them better. As we offered assistance with the dignity and respect they so deserve, this village was surprisingly organized and candid with their needs. Below is a brief summary of the execution of the Puntland Project:


The Inti Raymi Fund provided financial support for a democratically elected group of eight teams within the small village of Aw-Barkatle, Somalia

  1. We asked, “How can we Help?”
  2. The community assembled into project teams segregated by their specific request and project:
  3. Each group presented their project and budget for implementation.
  4. We helped them organize, prioritize and budget their special projects.
  5. Each team selected an elder from within each team who would/could be trusted to guard the money for each community team’s project after distribution. In seven of the eight teams, a women was the security point person. The only male selected was a young school teacher, who everyone knew and trusted.
  6. Distribution of the funds to each point person representing each team.

The Inti Raymi Fund’s $25,000 community support was distributed evenly, $3,125.00 per project, for the following eight projects:

  • A computer lab for the school
  • Meat processing equipment for safe consumption and resale
  • Sewing machinery and materials for entrepreneurial purposes
  • Water collection equipment for community use in safe drinking and irrigation
  • Food and cooking equipment for community and business use
  • Equipment for wholesale fabric making
  • Farming equipment and tools
  • First aid facility and equipment

This was a very successful and satisfying venture for the Inti Raymi Fund.

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: August, 2013

Completion Date: August, 2013

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 400


Team Members


Guard, Hotel Mgr, Sulman, Interpreter