SHERPA PEOPLES – New Cultural & Heritage Center Support

Khumjung, Khumba Region, Nepal

Chimu en route to Everest Base
Wonderful people of Nepal
Children start very young carrying
Mariano Galvan of Argentina Summits Everest with Inti Raymi Fund Banner
Yak or back, notice religious carvings in background
Everything carried in by Yak or back
Beautiful exotic images
Yaks transporting though town
Beautiful architecture lines the route to Khumjung
Yak or back
Interior of oldest temple in Nepal
Stoupas are plentiful in Nepal
Prayer wheels and prayer tablets
Beautifully decorated doorway
Sir Edmond Hillery monument
Exterior of oldest temple in region
Harsh life at 18,000 ft
Sacred Phuja Ceremony before Everest Ascent
Sherpa woman in market
Sherpa woman in Khumjung Village
Infamous & Proud Sherpas of Mt. Everest
Phurba Tashi Sherpa
100% of materials carried in

Building, Computer Equipment and Art Supplies

The Inti Raymi Fund provided almost 40% of the funding for The Cultural & Heritage Center in Khumjung, Nepal. This center for learning is designed to preserve the culture, art forms, and traditions of the Sherpa Mountain People of Nepal.

The Sherpa Cultural & Heritage Center, is the Life’s Passion and brainchild of the lead Project Director and Famous Mount Everest Sherpa and Guide, Phurba Tashi Sherpa of Khumjung, Nepal, in the Khumbu Region.

Phurba Tashi, has been a successful Sherpa and Guide on Mount Everest Expeditions his entire life in Nepal, and has personally summited Mount Everest 19 times! At the time of this reading, he is in Everest Base Camp preparing for his 20th ascend.

Basic History

The Khumbu Region of Nepal has received tremendous support for education and medical projects in past years from the International Climber and Trekker Community, so much so that now many of the more affluent Sherpas are living abroad or in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because of the ever-increasing tourist levels, and the inevitable infiltration of Western Culture into Nepal, the local Sherpa people have become concerned that their history and culture is being progressively diluted.

Given the rich historical culture of the Nepali People, and especially the Sherpa Peoples of the Khumbu Region, Purba Tashi realized it was important to memorialize and teach others of the cultural significance of the “Sherpa Life”. Thus the Cultural & Heritage Center was born. By preserving the traditional Music, Art, Dance and Cultural Customs, the “Sherpa Life” can remain alive and present in the hearts of the Nepali People. The Center can guarantee that this heritage will be taught and preserved though the younger generation well into the future for others to enjoy.

How the Inti Raymi Fund was Involved

Russell Brice of Himalayan Experience, (HIMEX) is the leading Expedition Service provider on Mount Everest, and is a co­founder of the well-respected Friends of Humanity Foundation, (FOH) a non­profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Brice, personally helped raise the required capital necessary to construct this facility. The Inti Raymi Fund, contributed $25,000 of the budgeted $95,000 required to complete this facility.

Cultural Traditional Dance Video from a region near Kathmandu, not Kumjung; however, nonetheless a beautiful view into the Nepali Culture.

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: March, 2012

Completion Date: October, 2014

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 250



Team Members


Phurba Tashi Sherpa, CHIMU - IRF Director