SAMI PEOPLES – Geology Studies Against USA Gold Mining Expansions

Kautokeino, Norway

Inside Sami log cabin storage
Early period photo of Sami Peoples
Sami Folk Music performance
Sami Tribe territories
Traditional Sami Tribe cerimonial drum
Beautiful Coast of Alta, Norway
Poster of upcoming Sami Folk Music Festival in Kautokeino, Norway
Kautokeino Norway pasturelands
Local hotel with reindeer meat smokehouse
Sami log cabin storage buildings
Kautokeino, Norway
Sami Tribe equipment & heirlooms
Sami Peoples equipment & heirlooms
Sami Peoples artifacts
Sami Peoples spiritual charm for baby bed
Sami Reindeer Herding coop meeting
Kautokeino Reindeer Coop meeting

Sami Reindeer Project – Norway

Reindeer herding has been the way of life for almost 10,000 years for the Sami Peoples of the Arctic Circle Region. An aerial photo taken along the cliffs of Alta, Norway shows an 8,000 year old Reindeer petroglyph depicting reindeer herding as part of the lifeline and soul of the indigenous Sami, a testament to the importance of this animal in the livelihood of the Sami people.

Inti Raymi Fund’s Contribution

In keeping with the Inti Raymi Funds’s mission to support these ancient and fragile societies, the Inti Raymi Fund is providing significant financing and sponsorship of the Indigenous Sami Peoples Reindeer Cooperate of Northern Norway. The funds are being used for software and topo mapping, studies in soil degradation, pollution and erosion, with the intent to thwart a large U.S. Mining company from building a significant gold mining operation in the valley of Kautokeino, Norway.  The proposed mine is currently under review by the Norwegian government and the Sami Parliament as well as the local community. Preventing big industry money and extractive industries from a victory here will set a new precedent in foiling the exploitive destruction of an ancient society. The message will be that money doesn’t

always matter…life and lifestyle aren’t always for sale! Keep in mind that this is where Santa Claus, his reindeer and the elves came from. Let’s not lose this dream like so many other cultures and customs which have already disappeared globally.


Unknown-1The Inti Raymi Fund became aware of the Sami Peoples while attending the World Conference of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The Inti Raymi Fund provided a $25,000 Grant into Sami Community for the above aforementioned Human Rights Project.


The Inti Raymi Fund would like to note that the Norwegian government represents the quintessential global role model for human rights internationally. It was recently recognized accordingly at this year’s UN World Conference for Indigenous Peoples Rights, which the Inti Raymi Fund attended. The Government of Norway not only acknowledges these Indigenous Sami Peoples of Norway, but also funds their annual payroll of approximately 200 parliamentary members and support staff for the Sami Parliment. This truly is courage and grace hand in hand.

Thank you, Norway

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: June, 2013

Completion Date: June, 2013

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 3,000



Team Members


CHIMU-IRF Founder & Nils Peter I Guap