CHARLES DARWIN FOUNDATION – Research & Preservation Support for the Galapagos Islanders

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

The Inti Raymi Fund visited the Galapagos Islands and as part of our belief of Socially Responsible Tourism, we contributed $25,000 towards the Charles Darwin Foundation based on the Puerto Ayora Island. This island is where the headquarters are located for the Foundation and Research Facilities on the islands. 
The $25,000 will be divided amongst: eco-transportation for disabled persons to and from the Charles Darwin Research Station, building a wheelchair-accessible path to the beach at the Research Station, support our education and outreach initiatives, increasing accessibility and reach of our website, and support various community projects on Isabela and San Cristobal Islands where there no longer are Charles Darwin Foundation offices; however, they are rebuilding community projects there. Each of the five components will be allocated $5,000 of the $25,000.
By providing these funds for the research center, it provides a lifeline for research yes; however, an easily overlooked benefit is the sustainability of eco-tourism for the approximate 25,000 islanders who solely depend upon tourism for their existence on the islands.  From daily cruise ships arriving onto the islands to hotel stays, everyone comes to see the wildlife and visit the Research Center,  shedding money along the way.  The wildlife can only be sustained by protecting it against poachers with their exploitive excess dredge fishing vessels. These vessels if left uncheck will encroach closer and closer into the national fish sanctuary limits of a 40km ring around each of the islands.  The coral would disappear, the fish will disappear, the Galapagos habitat of turtles, Iguanas and bird and so on will all wither away.  This animal sanctuary is one of the last safe places where these animals have no real enemies.
One can view this as a symbiotic relationship of man and nature cohabiting together for the common good. This is the reason we were enthusiastic about funding this project and highly recommend you financially support the Charles Darwin Foundation directly, or better yet, we encourage you to visit the amazing Galapagos Islands for a “socially responsible tourism” vacation and contribute to the islanders through generous tips and bring a donation in person to the Research Center.

Project Details

Start Date: August 2017

Completion Date: August 2017

Funded so far: $25,000.0 USD

Total Project: $25,000.00 USD

Lives Affected: 25,000


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