MIDDLE EAST PEACE BUILDING- Youth Team Building in Refugee Host Communities Support

Host Communities Outside Refugee Camps, Jordan

The Inti Raymi Fund headed off to the Middle East just like every other one of our Projects, full of Passion, Energy and a lot of Questions about exactly who we would meet and how we would most Effectively Help in the community.  Since we never have a pre-planned script, we have total flexibility and adaptability to the realities on the ground we face upon arrival.  With a fresh new set of eyes and no expectations, we use our hearts and stomachs as our guides and we are able to see and feel what is right and what is wrong within the countries, communities, political situations, and people we meet.

The Inti Raymi Fund was serendipitously introduced to the Generations for Peace Team (“GFP”) through a mutual friend, film maker and adventurer- Elia Saikaly.  Upon arrival, the GFP team welcomed us and provided us with all of their resources to help facilitate one of our traditional projects within Jordan.  We were honestly so blown away and “over impressed” with their Insight, Respect and Passion exhibited by their team in Amman, that we immediately redirected our attention into their organization, observing their processes in the Middle East.  Their long term multi-generational, cascading approach to Peace Building in the Middle East is so impressive and progressive, that the Inti Raymi Fund redirected our resources from a direct community based project, into funding the Generations for Peace Program and Team.  Basically we believe  that, “when you find something which works that you cannot do better, then it’s best to collaborate and join forces with this team if possible, to yield the most effective outcome”.

After a week of shadowing their team, visiting multiple host communities and attending many events and workshops by their delegates, volunteers and leaders, the Inti Raymi Fund elected to directly supported the Generations for Peace Organization with a $25,000 contribution.  This contribution will provide necessary funds to expand their existing local programs in Jordan, working with the Syrian War Refugees as well as the local Jordanians who are coexisting and or are Host Families of the Refugees from the Syrian/Iraq War.

In addition to visiting the Host Families and Communities, the Inti Raymi Fund was able to visit the infamous Za’atari Refugee Camp in northern Jordan along Syria.  These facilities are graciously supported in large part by the Jordanian Government, outside international donors and through the continued patience of the Jordanian citizens who are severely negatively impacted.  The continuous spillover of refugees from the war torn regions of Syria & Iraq are an indescribable, indirect consequence of War.  Considering all of Syrian War Refugees in Jordan estimated at 1mm, roughly 85% of the them are relocated within the Jordanian Society itself with the remaining 15% situated inside the many UNHCR camps.  This “tip of the iceberg” phenomenon is hard to fathom when walking inside the enormous camps themselves, being only 15% of the issue.

This massive influx of Refugees into the existing Jordanian population has caused intense psychological and physical pressure on Jordanian citizens in addition to the financial burdens of price inflation on rents, food, water, utilities,  medical services, and an increase of desperation caused thefts, and many other factors which they must face.

The Inti Raymi Fund believes in the Generations for Peace Organization so much, that we have contributed $25,000. We kindly request your direct financial support into Generations for Peace not only because of their brilliant, paradigm shifting insight and programs towards creating a more peaceful future in the Middle East, but also because of their approach style is led with Respect and Dignity helping those less fortunate.

We encourage you to visit them at Generations for Peace or with a personal visit in Amman, Jordan where they would love to show you what they are passionate about-helping others.

The graciousness and respect exhibited by the team at GFP is due in part to HRH Prince Feisal bin Hussein of Jordan, who’s vision and support helps make the Generations for Peace Organization possible. Thank you. 

In addition to our Program described above,  we received the additional Gracious Contributions from:

Steve Glasgow:      $500 – into Generations for Peace

Cyrus Rhodes:       $500 – into Generations for Peace

Chimu(extra):        $2,000 – Support for Afghani, Iraqi & Syrian Refugees in route

The Inti Raymi Fund became aware of and studied many great geopolitical articles by Aljazeera like the one attached here.


Video Below showing the long endless drive into the expansive Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Evidence of the wasteful abuse of power in Syria.

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: September 2015

Completion Date: September 2015

Funded so far: $28,000 USD

Total Project: $28,000 USD

Lives Affected: 600



Team Members


Chimu, HRH Prince Feisal bin Hussein of Jordan & Elizabeth