TOURISM IN PERSIA – 10 Reasons to Visit Iran Today

Tehran, Iran


  1. Iranian Peoples are the Warmest and most Welcoming people towards Americans, we have ever met after traveling to 74 countries.
  2. Safety of Travel is unparalleled, contrary to what you have been told by Western Media.
  3. Iranians are extremely gracious, well educated & mannered, usually speaking 2-4 languages, rich in poetry and music.
  4. Hotel diversity allows budget travel in eclectic hostels, exotic Caravan Sarai style hotels or traditional western hotels. Roughly everything is 1/2 American prices.
  5. Rich History of the Iranian People, Architecture and country dating back some 7,000+ years.
  6. Endless Architecturally Diverse Mosques, Palaces, and mammoth Cisterns  unmatched  elsewhere in the world.
  7. Wonderfully diverse and clean food & drinks (sorry no alcohol though-Islamic tradition).
  8. Extremely diverse terrain from snow capped mountains, underground navigable caves, deserts, to forests & rivers.
  9. Beautifully misunderstood Islamic Culture which awaits your curiosity, offering the most Paradigm Shifting Experience you’ll ever have!
  10. Your Cultural, Emotional and Educational Enrichment awaits the most misunderstood culture and Villainized People by Western Media. This Journey is about you and your Paradigm Shift and Enlightenment.

Honestly speaking, my wife and I had the most paradigm shifting, enlightening experience of any country we have ever traveled to of 74 countries. Time and time again during our travels our “jaw dropped” because of the warmth shown to us everywhere we went by the Iranian People. This friendliness was equally matched by the amazing architectural and engineering gems we saw everywhere.  These sites are simply endless due to Iran’s long rich history along the “Silk Road”.


IRAN & THE USA INVOLVEMENT (“the Untold Story”)

If you are curious to see the “untold Story” of the USA’s involvement with Iran causing the underlying conflict, please click on the link below

This Abuse of Power by the then USA backed Saddam Hussein,  caused an estimated 750,000 deaths of the Iranian People who today, are called “Martyrs” in their culture as compared with our Western term of Heroes.

This war history makes it almost unfathomable that we as American tourists, were so graciously received by the the Iranian People.  Fortunately, the Iranian Peoples are enlightened enough to be able to separate the American People from the American Government and its malicious actions and overreaching intervention in the Middle East.

Communication, Understanding & most important Respect of people globally is the key to Friendship and Peace.  We hope you take our challenge to go see for yourself how wonderful Iran is and how awfully misunderstood it is as well.

Insha’Allah (“God Willing”)

به خواست خدا



Upon arrival in Iran and learning of the stable culture of the Iranian Peoples, it became apparent to us that the Iranian Society took care of each other. Accordingly, there was not the Social Level Fallout we see in many societies, where the poor are left on the streets such as the case in America for example.  We did not see one person disheveled and living on the streets anywhere in the 10 cities we visited. Doesn’t this surprise you? It surprised us, how gracious and support Iranians are to their less fortunate family members.

We did however, meet two young men working after hours around trash dumpsters pulling cardboard boxes, plastics and glass for recycling. After further dialogue with these men, we discovered that they were from War-Torn Afghanistan. They are among the tens of millions globally displaced Peoples caused by the Proxy Wars caused by the super powers of the world.  With the gracious empathy and tolerance of the Iranian Peoples and Government, these refugees are afforded work within the society albeit the low end of the spectrum. This opportunity allows each of these men to send remittences home to their families who could not escape the country.

We went to the landfill and met with these kind young men. They were a small team of 30 who lived and worked in the recycling landfill doing their part in the country’s economy which has suffered under the Western Imposed Sanctions since 2006.

After listening to all of the men and their concerns and knowing they all had families who they supported back home, not to mentions themselves, we elected to provide each of the 30 men with $1,000 USD each.  This equates to rough a year’s salary all up front for these men.  They simply could not believe their eyes and we overwhelmed with joy,  Many of them immediately called home to let their families know that additional help was on the way. Two of them specifically were special, one needed back surgery and another family member needed heart surgery. Both of these procedures were now in reach, given the social medical systems affordability in Afghanistan and nearby Iran.

We were overwhelmed with happiness to be fortunate to have met such hard working yet unseen workers within a society, who we could help with their daily struggles.

Please consider our approach and apply in some meaningful manner you feel is feasible for your sharing journey.



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Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: March 2016

Completion Date: March 2016

Funded so far: $30,000 USD

Total Project: $30,000 USD

Lives Affected: 30




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