BREAK THROUGH SANTA FE – Annual University Scholarship Fundings

Santa Fe, USA


Mission: Breakthrough Santa Fe helps motivated students in grades 7-12 from underserved public schools to be the first in their families to go to college. Students commit to the program for 6 years and participate in fun and challenging summer programming, school year support, and one-on-one college counseling.

  • 92% of Breakthrough seniors graduate high school and go on to some kind of post-secondary education, compared with 23% of their peers statewide.
  • 94% of Breakthrough students will be first in their family to attend college.
  • 83% of Breakthrough 8th graders are enrolled in Algebra 1, compared to 14% statewide. Being enrolled in Algebra in middle school allows students to take AP Math classes in High School.
  • About 120 students have graduated from Breakthrough since its inception in 2004, and 175 students are currently enrolled in the program.

Breakthrough students currently attend Franklin and Marshall College (PA), Colorado College (CO), Loyola Marymount University (CA), St. Edwards University (TX), University of New Mexico, University of Denver (CO), Warren Wilson College (NC), New Mexico State, New Mexico Tech, Knox College (IL), and others.

Scope of work: Breakthrough, which is free of cost for all admitted students, includes two summers of intensive 6-week middle school academics taught by high school and college students; continuous year-round weekend tutoring; and a four-year high school college preparation program. To be eligible for the program, students must meet at least three of the following five need criteria: be low income, speak a language other than English at home, live in a single parent household, be first in their family to go to college, or be part of a racial minority. Nearly 90% of our students are of color, almost all are drawn from the public and charter school system, and many participate in free or reduced-price lunch programs. Among our Breakthrough students, a 92% rate of higher education attendance and a high school graduation rate of 95-96% testify to the success of our closely monitored, mentor-based academic enrichment and college preparation, beginning in middle school.

Specific programming: Breakthrough’s middle school summers stand out as the most formative years of our students’ academic “breakthroughs.” Combining the fun of summer camp cheers, activities, and special events with a rigorous class and elective schedule, our 72 incoming 7th and 8th graders experience a dynamic range of learning opportunities each and every day of our six-week summer session. Given that our motto is “students teaching students,” our teaching fellow team is comprised of high schoolers, former Breakthrough students, and college students from universities across the country. School days in the summer are marked by four core classes in the morning (Reading, Math, Science, Writing) and two elective classes in the afternoon. In this intensive summer schooling environment—where, for instance, 83% of Breakthrough 8th graders are enrolled in Algebra 1, compared to 14% statewide—our students attain significant academic growth. Last year, we are proud to say that our students grew on average of three months during the six weeks of classes at Breakthrough. Moreover, we reinforce accountability for homework, attendance, and attitude by creating a community of support, vibrant learning, and high expectations during our summer program. Students in the middle school summer program complete an average of two hours of homework each night, another high expectation enabling students to enroll in more AP classes in high school. .  Aside from our core academic focus, special events during the summer program include Olympics Day, Career Day, Art Week, and a culminating camping trip in the backcountry of New Mexico. Extraordinary learning permeates all aspects of student life, growth, safety, and challenge at Breakthrough. The program directors and teachers play an active role in reaching for high expectations and making clear the respect and cooperation inherent to our community. But our middle schoolers are the ones who set their own standards and motivate each other, work collaboratively towards a common college-driven goal, and take full advantage of the exhilaration that learning brings.

Inti Raymi Fund Impact: Over the next ten years, the Inti Raymi fund will provide $25,000 in college scholarships for graduates of the Breakthrough Santa Fe program.  This scholarship not only helps students attend the colleges and universities of their dreams, but also promotes participation in the program by students and parents throughout the six year scope of the program. In addition, the scholarship furthers the Inti Raymi Fund’s mission to “pay it forward” by recognizing students who have the ability and passion to change their world for the better.  



The Inti Ryami Fund provides a $2,500 college scholarship grant towards the college education of one individual per year within the Break Through Santa Fe Program. This individual is selected for his/her highly socially responsible personality.

Striving to support individuals who “Can Make a Difference in the World”, we asked the school to elect each individual based upon need and their socially responsible inclination.


2014 ____ Dominguez St. Edwards University (Austin, TX)
2015 ____ Hernandez Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA)
2016 ____ Sanchez St. Edwards University (Austin, TX)
2017 ____Orozco University of New Mexico 
2018 TBD  
2019 TBD  
2020 TBD  
2021 TBD  
2022 TBD  
2023 TBD  

You can visit the wonderful school in Santa Fe or online @

Santa Fe Preparatory School

1101 Camino de Cruz Blanca

Santa Fe, NM 87507



Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: May 2014

Completion Date: May 2023

Funded so far: $10,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 3


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