BOBBI BEAR ORG. – “Giving Abused Children a Voice”

Durban, South Africa

The Inti Raymi Fund researched and funded $25,000USD towards the continued operations of this Non-Profit Organization called Bobbi Bear. Due to the sensitive nature of this project, we will share a brief description of this project.

The Bobbi Bear Organization emotionally, medically & legally supports the immediate victims of rape or sodomy in the Durban area of South Africa.  Some victims are a young as 18 months of age.  Given the high rate of AIDS estimated by some at 33% in South Africa, time is of the essence to provide Retro-Viral Drugs to prevent the onset of HIV/AIDS in victims. Bobbi Bear facilitates these much needed, yet unpleasant, post trauma medical examinations and treatment. Post medical, Bobbi Bear provides emotional support, meals, safe housing and then if the patient is willing, prosecution tools utilizing a unique approach facilitated by these multi-colored Bobbi Bears.  Victims use these Bears and a Sharpe Pen to describe/draw in detail the happenings on the Bobbi Bear, and this information is used in the court to help prosecute the victims, which quite often are an extended member of the family.

We recommend you research and lend support either through your volunteer efforts at their facilities in Durban, or financial support to the Bobbi Bear Organization below.

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Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: February 2017

Completion Date: February 2017

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 4500


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