Inti Raymi Fund name was derived from the Pre-Columbian Inkan festival in Cuzco, Peru,

This festival was called the Inti Raymi Festival. The Indigenous Pre-Colombian peoples were of Quechua origin. The Quechua words Inti Raymi translates to festival of the Sun. This festival was held annually in the Southern Hemisphere within the Inkan Empire, during their Winter Solstice of June 21-23. During this festival the Inkan People gave thanks to their higher being, Viracocha, and gave offerings towards their upcoming planting & harvest season. Similarly, the Inti Raymi Fund celebrates the gift of sharing and helping others with each new project we support. We selected this name because we originally created the Inti Raymi Fund in Peru; however as time went on we realized our mission cannot be limited to one country, so we broaden our scope globally.

IRF logo


The Inti Raymi Fund Logo consists of three components:

*The Chakana or Inkan Cross represents the 4 corners of South America where the Empire was expanding to the North, South, East and West. Additionally, the steps on the square cross represent the terraced mountains, which sustained the Incan Peoples with their staple crop – corn.

*The Quintu consists of the 3 coca plant leaves inside the Chakana. This religious trinity represents the Serpent of the underworld, the Jaguar of the current world, and the Condor of the after world.

*Color of red we selected represents the unnecessarily blood shed over the history of mankind caused by greed, lust and hatred.