SHIPIBO PEOPLES – Agricultural Equipment Purchases

San Francisco & Yarinacocha Village, Pucallpa., Peru

Local San Francisco Village artwork
Pulcallpa farming area
Local San Francisco Village artwork
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Farmers of community
Beautiful one of a kind hand made bracelets
Life in the Jungle
People are people, kids too.
Traditional hand embroidered textiles
Local Shipibo artwork
Community agricultural trade
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Peru, the place that stole my heart, that renews my soul and spirit.  It allows me to be free and think like a free man, without constraints, where every day is a new beginning; where, I can begin again and follow the path I was intended to take.  I can fly and I can dream. This is where it began for me, this journey.  The womb of this land gave birth to the idea of the Inti Raymi Fund; it grew until it became tangible.  Every moment and every action has lead me to be here, and to do this- Chimu

Farming Equipment Purchase and Fair Trade Jewelry for Inti Raymi Fund

For the Shipibo tribe, the Inti Raymi Fund purchased equipment and tools to make farming more efficient thus allowing them to better “fair-trade” prices in the market of Pucallpa, Peru. We provided funding for the expansion of agricultural trade and community collective bargaining in the Shipibo communities of San Francisco and Yarinacocha. This agricultural Passion Project allows the Shipibo to take greater control of the agricultural products they sell, increasing their yield per acre.

Additionally, the Inti Raymi Fund orders hundreds and hundreds of hand-made, Shipibo bracelets from these communities. They are the Inti Raymi Funds’ passion projects gift to help spread awareness of the beauty of indigenous cultures.   We pay a full market price for each bracelet, pay for the river canoe transportation, the tuk-tuk delivery to the shipping offices, plus packaging.  We employ numerous people during process of this fair trade transaction.

Lastly, the Inti Raymi Fund retains and saves in trust $3.00/bracelet ordered during the year.  At year’s end, the Inti Raymi Fund remits the $3.00 per bracelet total ordered during the year accumulated in their bank balance.  This money is used for annual bonuses or holiday spending money, and is split 50/50 between the bracelet makers of the Yarinacocha Village and the San Francisco Village.

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: July, 2012

Completion Date: Ongoing Fair Trade

Funded so far: $4,000 USD

Total Project: $4,000 USD

Lives Affected: 1,000



Team Members


Gilmer Ramirez Fachin