INKA PEOPLES – New School Constructed

Munaypata,, Peru

Elongated skulls of Pre-Inkan royalty
Quechua treasures
Inkan 13% sloped traditional doorway
Elongated skulls of Pre-Inkan royalty
Traditional Quechua women carrying youngster
Agricultural laboratory of the Inkan Empire in Moray
Inti Raymi Festival held annually in Cuzco June 21-23
Traditional loom weaving still maintained in Peru
Traditionally dressed Quechua family in Cuzco
Sacred ceremony captured (with respect)
Munaypata Community new school groundbreaking
Inti Raymi Fund led group of 20 to Peru
New school foundation
Rebar & cement going in
Walls going up
Windows being installed
Exterior plastering & gable ends
Cement flooring being installed
Ventilation & trim work
Private bathroom for new school
Proud carpenter finishes up restroom for children
Ashley is a strong leader for the Inti Raymi Fund
Quechua kids
Quechua treasure
Go Inti Raymi Fund

Peru, the place that stole my heart, that renews my soul and spirit.  It allows me to be free and think like a free man, without constraints, where every day is a new beginning; where, I can begin again and follow the path I was intended to take.  I can fly and I can dream. This is where it began for me, this journey.  The womb of this land gave birth to the idea of the Inti Raymi Fund; it grew until it became tangible.  Every moment and every action has lead me to be here, and to do this- Chimu

Experiencing Sharing With Others

Chimu invited as family guests, roughly 20 people to experience what the Inti Raymi Fund was really about.  One cannot describe in writing or photos, the invaluable lessons experienced while traveling and helping others abroad.  Accordingly, we spent roughly two weeks in Peru, visiting several existing Inti Raymi Fund Passion Projects as well the experience of starting a new project to the whole group.

We had roughly 10 of the 20 guests for the commencement of the new school project for the village of Munaypata up in the mountains outside Cuzco.  We met for several hours with the community, their families, children and a teacher. The idea quickly surfaced by the leader of the community for a new school, so their villages’ children didn’t have to travel hours each way through uncertain terrain and inclement weather to attend school daily.  As always, the Inti Raymi Fund leaves it to the community as a whole to decide what is best for them.

They broke ground for the new school building in September of 2013, and the project was completed January 2014. Upon completion, this project immediately improved the lives of the community, especially the children of the village.

Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: September, 2013

Completion Date: January 2014

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 250



Team Members


Chimu, Chaski, Simon, Ben & Elias Bingham @ Machu Piqchu. Binghams are family of Hiram Bingham, explorer and re-discoverer of Machu Piqchu