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Moscow, Russia

Recently the Inti Raymi Fund traveled to Russia with the goal of supporting a community which is all but “invisible” to the naked eye :The LGBT. This community has made great strides globally against homophobia and has helped to spread awareness of the ignorant stereotypes imposed upon this discriminated against segment of society. Unfortunately the Russian government, along with Uganda, has moved in opposition to global opinion and open­mindedness.

With the Russian government continuously cracking down on non­heterosexual activity, as evidenced by the social tensions during the Sochi Olympics held in 2014, it appeared very relevant to support this “invisible” and vulnerable community of “people”. (yes, I said “people”). in Russia. We researched and visited with the Side by Side (Bok­0­Bok in Russian) International Film Festival team of Russia and found their approach to helping others to be brilliant. Their emotional, psychological and educational support through international film festivals for those feeling discrimination for being “different” is worthy of support. The further criminalization of these people by their governments further shames them and erodes their dignity & self­respect. It would be immensely beneficial if governments took the lead role by example, supporting diversity in all people with equal rights and education.

The Side by Side International Film Festival of Russia provides an emotionally safe environment for an age 18+ crowd of open­minded people to view films on the LGBT community. Various issues within the LGBT: topics like stigma, homophobia, discrimination, hate crimes, and acceptance are addressed sensitively; encouraging understanding and enlightenment in the 30% “straight”crowd which historically attends these wonderful film festivals. We believe it is a powerful way to help mend the misunderstanding and prejudice that undermines the LGBT community.

We recommend that you contact this wonderfully dedicated organization in Russia directly to support their effective film festival projects. The Inti Raymi Fund has personally visited with and researched this fantastic organization which is under continued political pressure. They need your help now more than ever.

Inti Raymi Fund and Bok Bok

The Inti Raymi Fund provided 25,000 in financial support to Side by Side Organization in Russia which provides emotional support to its hidden gay and lesbian community through film production on the topic.  Interestingly enough, thirty percent of the attendees are “straight”, showing hope of bridging the gap of misunderstanding on the topic.

Please help.

Please follow them on their social media sites and contact them directly through their web site for additional support at:

Recent Festival Brochures from Side by Side.

Please follow them on their social media sites and contact them directly through their web site for additional support at:

FACEBOOK:        Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival



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Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: July, 2014

Completion Date: July, 2014

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 2,500


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