CASA DE MANTAY – Women’s Safe Home Support

Cuzco, Peru

Celebrations are encouraged at Casa
Interior photo of offices
Mom & daughter
Interior view of classrooms
Young mom and daughter
Interior view of dining room
Fun time is important
View of courtyard
Young mom & son
View of baby nursery
Baby napping room
Raquel and Martina in courtyard
Kids, Kids and more kids
Vocational sewing & craft room
Study time and interaction
Wholesale arts and designed works for sale at the center.
Typical bedroom for multiple women
Young mom learns a vocational trade

Peru, the place that stole my heart, that renews my soul and spirit.  It allows me to be free and think like a free man, without constraints, where every day is a new beginning; where, I can begin again and follow the path I was intended to take.  I can fly and I can dream. This is where it began for me, this journey.  The womb of this land gave birth to the idea of the Inti Raymi Fund; it grew until it became tangible.  Every moment and every action has lead me to be here, and to do this- Chimu


The Inti Raymi Fund provides significant monthly financial support for the Casa Mantay Facility, a women’s Safe Home in Cuzco, Peru. Casa Mantay supports, nurtures, counsels and offers vocational training for young women 12-18 years of age often with newborns. The facility includes a baby nursery, infant health care training, as well as a preliminary school. At the request of the operators and out of respect for residents, this discrete description of the facility has been provided.


Casa Mantay is operated by another 501c3 Public Charity, which was recommended to us and after research, chosen by the Inti Raymi Fund. This Passion Project is a very well run, well respected, and proven facility which is invaluable in Cuzco. The Inti Raymi Fund supports a “Good is Good” approach, whereby we will support other organizations or projects we come across during our travels if they make sense.  It is important to the Inti Raymi Fund, and Chimu, that this non-profit remain organic, ever changing, and not confined to a mold.  The goal is to help our fellow man, lend a hand and care about the world we live in.


The Inti Raymi Fund is confident in our approach, values and honesty so we provide for you a completely transparent link to the Casa Mantay Web Site and personnel, should you wish to contact them directly. Further, we encourage you to donate “directly” to this wonderful project, if their message resonates with you. Please watch their attached video as well, to see what a supportive and caring alternative is offered to young mothers at Casa Mantay.


For addition information on the Casa de Mantay, please contact Raquel at:



Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: June, 2012

Completion Date: June, 2014

Funded so far: $24,000 USD

Total Project: $24,000 USD

Lives Affected: 80



Team Members


Raquel García Matías-Casa Mantay Director & CHIMU - IRF Director