“IF AMERICANS KNEW” – Awareness Campaign for Americans on Israel’s Unethical Formation in 1948

Washington, D.C., USA

Because I care so much about my country of the United States, I have published this difficult and highly sensitive project to better ourselves, all the while knowing the criticisms which are ahead for us.  

The report below is not an anti-semitism campaign – It is a human rights campaign for awareness and political change in the United States of America.

The Report below contains our opinions based upon our personal investigations and physical observations in Gaza & West Bank


PLAYING THE RACE CARD:  Anytime, anyone has a critical opinion against actions committed by the State of Israel, the Anti-Semitism Race Card is immediately played.  This intentional media spin totally redirects the focus off of the real issues of Human Rights Violations and onto the media source by design.  Fear of being “Black Listed” in Hollywood or other Economic Repercussions against the Whistle Blower hides many real stories from being told globally. The vast majority of people would rather retreat to safer non-politial, non confrontational grounds.  Well, the Inti Raymi Fund is internally funded; therefore, our opinions are not for sale, nor are we intimated about telling the truth, which is our Constitutional Right in America (First Amendment).  We research people and projects, help, then report what we discovered within our research and travels.


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Reportedly, a significant Zionist (“Israeli Extremist”) casino operator in Las Vegas is fighting the International BDS Movement with his recently announced $50,000,000 Fund for the illegal censorship of freedom of speech under the guise of Anti-Semitism.  He and or his organizations are tying to close all BDS Movement protests nationwide. This is in direct violation of all American’s First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech.  The Zionists (“Israeli Extremists”), who created the State of Israel, are fighting because the truth will come out in these public forums and debates about the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict. Early on, the Zionists were not concerned about the BDS Movement; however, in recent months it is gaining in publicity.


As a reference of International Opinion, roughly 136 countries (70%)  of the 193 UN member countries Recognize Palestine as a State.

Most viewers have no idea of the origins of the Palestinian & Israeli Conflict.  We encourage you to do your own research. Our findings revealed that prior to 1917, the United Kingdom was a Colonial Occupier of most of the Middle East and Northern Africa including the State of Palestine. In 1917, the British Government collaborated with the Israeli Zionists and the League of Nations (the predecessor to the United Nations) whereby the British insidiously awarded the State of Palestine to the Zionists. This award was somehow going to fix their loss of land 2,000 years ago possibly?  These actions, mandates and declarations of this land which wasn’t even theirs, was simply wrong.  The British had no right to declare anything and award any lands which wasn’t theirs.

HISTORY REWRITTEN BY THE VICTORS:  The Zionists, have had a slow but steady agenda for the past 100+ years to retake Palestine and convert it to a Jewish State as supported in the legal documents of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the British Mandate for Palestine of 1923.  Somehow, subjective interpretations of the Bible somehow entitled the Zionists to grab land in modern times, since they reportedly owned it 2,000 years earlier.  Of course, greed and power have nothing to do with this, not to mention the British and the League of Nations. This begs a broader question: Shouldn’t we all share the earth together as good religious people and stewards of the planet?

The information is everywhere; however, during the past century the Zionists who have repeatedly ignored human rights in pursuit of their ideological dreams, simply followed the path of aggression, displacing roughly 800,000 Palestinians in their pursuit of their Holy Land.  These Zionist Crusades caused the Illegal Relocation from the State of Palestine of the 800,000 Palestinians into Refugee Camps which today are more commonly known as West Bank and Gaza Strip (These areas are 70 year old Refugee Camps).  Accretively, the Zionist Movement for a Religious Jewish State, has resulted in an continuously shrinking State of Palestinian (see maps), to what today is only known as “Territories”. To exacerbate the issue, the Zionists have labeled the Palestinian Peoples as “terrorists” because they continue to fight and hold onto what little is left of their once State of Palestine.  These Illegal Land Grabs were bartered away behind closed doors with the British who were backing out of this region along with the Zionists who would take over.

AUTHORSHIP OF THE BIBLE: Not that the Bible is a legal binding document but, “Where in the Bible does it say that Israelis have the right to conquer and take this land through the displacement and genocide of others? What a racist God he or she must be to choose one people over another for this land? What group of people were the authors of this period of history contained in the Bible?  There appears to be tremendous Selective Artistic Licensing in the drafting of the Bible?  Just because an author prescribes something, doesn’t necessarily make it so and certainly not necessarily ethically and morally correct, right?

OUR OPINIONS: Our opinions presented herein, are supported by our personal travels and research within many, countries in the Middle East including extensive travel within the West Bank and Gaza Strip (“The Territories”).  If you instinctively push back against this presentation, we ask you to consider where you get your information about the Palestinian-Israel Conflict?  Is it the US Government? Israeli Government? Rewritten Historical Text books or Western Controlled Media Outlets?  Your Synagogue or Church?  What are their Agendas?  We suggest you do your own Direct Research, travel there inside the Occupied Territories and learn the truth about what Illegal and Immoral Actions you are supporting in the supposed “Holy Land” with your US Tax Dollars?  To visit Gaza & West Bank is to see the horrific and disgusting Human Rights Abuses, which no Western Media Outlet has the guts to show for fear of being accused of Anti-Semitism or being Politically Correct.  This Whistle Blowing paranoia is based upon legitimate fear of media funding, advertising or marketing funding being pulled by Zionist Investors or people losing their jobs or being black listed in their industry.  The “Jewish Mafia”, as they are called in the Middle East, is a very powerful oppressive organization, which uses their religion as their justification for their actions, which are really just Greed & Abuse of Power.

ILLEGAL ACTIONS LIST: Listed below are a few Illegal or Immoral Actions as determined by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Geneva Convention and or Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Why do we have the United Nations if they cannot assert pressure on members to improve global Ethics, specifically the United States and Israel?

1 Creation of roughly 225 Illegal Jewish Settlements in Palestinian Territories (considered Illegal by UN)

2 Bombing of Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities during the 50 Day War in Gaza 2014 (Genocide)

3 Failure to release Political Prisoners without being charged (Genocide)

4 Demolition of family members homes in retaliation to one person’s possible illegal behavior in West Bank (Collective Punishment)

5 Recent policy change allowing Live Ammunition shootings into crowds with .22 caliber rifles (Homicide & Genocide)

6 Nightly Raids into 100’s of peoples homes “Nightly Ransacking in West Bank” (Harassment & Genocide)

7 Limitation of Civilian Movement (Genocide)

8 100% lock up of citizens in the “Open Air Prison of Gaza” (Genocide & Apartheid)

9 Gerrymandering, evidenced by irregularity of the Palestinian Wall shows gross segregation of Peoples (Apartheid & Genocide)

10 Limited Citizenship disallowing Palestinian or Israeli Passports to Palestinians  (Apartheid & Genocide)

11 Multiple breaches of Israel – Palestine Peace Treaties

The list goes on and on.

BDS OBJECTIVE: The Inti Raymi Fund is in support of the BDS International Movement through the support of our First Amendment Rights. We hope to raise global awareness of Israel’s Illegal, Immoral and Unethical actions against the Palestinian Peoples.  The BDS Movement is intended to raise awareness on government actions as well as those companies which are gaining financially on the backs of these oppressed peoples in the Territories.  The BDS Movement hopes this Social Awareness Campaign and Financial Pressure will get Israel to change their attitude and actions, wherein they will treat all peoples equally in the Lands of Palestine & Israel.

U.S. TAXPAYERS IMPLICIT APPROVAL & INVOLVEMENT: The United States is explicitly and implicitly involved by using US Tax Dollars to support and or look the other way,  of the gross Human Rights Violations in Israel.  The American People are being misled about the United State’s Actions in Israel.  The US continues to fund roughly $3,800,000,000 in Military Aid annually to Israel.  Personally, as a tax paying American, I am very angry with our foreign policies in the Middle East, especially as it relates to our relationship with Israel.  This relationship is largely fostered and sustained by Washington Politicians’ willingness to sell out to Israeli Zionist Lobbyists promoting weaponization and financial support from the USA into Israel with their continued annihilation of Palestinians and the ultimate complete Genocidal Cleansing and transformation into a completely Jewish State.

We don’t ask you to change your opinion on this very controversial issue, all we ask is that you do your own research and personally visit Gaza and the West Bank to see and listen to the other side of this argument. You might be quite surprised about what you will find, especially with an open mind.



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Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: October, 2015

Completion Date: October, 2015

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 1,000



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