PERSONS WITH ALBINISM – Community Financial Support

Nairobi, Kenya

“Albinism in a Black Continent “

Many of us just don’t think about Albinism in our busy day right? For me, I never thought about it until I was blessed to be on an international flight from Istanbul to Dar al Salam and bumped into the free lance film maker from Spain named Luis Arellano ( During the 10 or so hour flight, I was fortunate to have Luis share with me his personal journey and film of the plight of the peoples with Albinism in the Tanzania & Kenya Region of Africa.

This 20 minute documentary changed the world for me. From that moment on, I was determined to get back to Africa personally along with our Inti Raymi Fund Team to do what we could to financially support them and help further facilitate their Awareness Campaign. The Inti Raymi Fund plans to advance their Awareness Campaign and reduce their individual struggles by promoting their cause in our International Documentary called “Adrenaline Philanthropy”. We are currently in the process of creating this film with the help of Elia Saikaly, which will include 10 countries all with unique causes.

By advancing the correct information about the genetic differences and not continuing the falsehoods about a “white father” or slang quotes of the “white goat” or similar ignorant misconceptions, we are hoping that lives would improve by 1) elimination of discrimination, 2) increased human rights and legal protection 3) classification of those afflicted with Albinism with disabilities for medical attention for vision and skin cancer care 4) improved security against the secretive disgusting Witch Craft Practices prescribing Albino Limbs for Political or Financial Gains as believed among the ignorant and greedy people, especially politicians in these two countries.

Roll the clock ahead 24 months, and the Inti Raymi Fund researched and found the wonderfully infamous woman called Jayne Waithera. To meet Jayne is to immediately love her! Her fun, amicable personality and positive outlook on life is truly inspirational. Jayne possess an uncanny sense of understanding and empathy for her constituents and all surrounding her. Jayne possesses wonderful people skills and she is a heroic role model for women’s empowerment. Jayne has many successes under her belt; however, this is just the beginning for Jayne. Jayne spent her youth educating herself as much as possible, immersing herself with International Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurial Programs and has been in numerous documentaries. Jayne was even fortunate and determined enough that she met and had a dialogue with USA President Barak Obama regarding the Albinism situation in Eastern Africa.

Jayne is the Co-Founder of Positive Exposure, (web site under construction) a non-profit organization dedicated to the respectful help and confidence building for the peoples with Albinism in Kenya and Tanzania. Until our recent partnering with Jayne, she had been financially unable to push this personal mission and this important agenda in Kenya as far as needed.

Jayne was abandoned at birth by her mother, who could not accept her Albinism and discrimination within their small village. Fortunately for Jayne, her grandmother accepted Jayne as her own and raised Jayne to become the wonderfully giving woman she is today. Possessing Albinism herself and knowing the issues facing her and her community, Jayne dedicated her life towards the advancement of Persons with Albinism. Accordingly, Jayne has spent a number of years working with the leading NGO in the field of Albinism, called Under the Same Sun based in Tanzania. Her efforts, knowledge and successes in Tanzania along with her recommendation by representatives of Under the Same Sun, were instrumental with our forming a partnership with Jayne at the Inti Raymi Fund.

With this new partnership, Jayne can build upon the synergies with Under the Same Sun and Jayne’s newly formed NGO called Positive Exposure based in Kenya. Both organizations are pursuing the same goals of emotionally, physically, legally, educationally supporting persons with Albinism to advance their human rights for a more fair and just society with everyone living in equality and safety.

In summary, we feel very confident in Jayne’s ability to further the current advancements for Persons with Albinism in Kenya. We look forward to the release of our Documentary including many participants locally in Kenya and Tanzania, and most importantly…Jayne.

We encourage you to research and connect directly with Jayne at Positive Exposure along with her counterparts in Tanzania, with Under the Same Sun. If you feel compelled, go visit either or both of these fantastic causes and lend your time, talents & passion or financial support directly towards these beautiful people with their unique and difficult battle ahead.

Very Respectfully,


The Inti Raymi Fund was inspired to visit Kenya by the articles published by BBC News like the one attached.


Project Details

Sponsors: Chimu

Start Date: February 2016

Completion Date: February 2021

Funded so far: $25,000 USD

Total Project: $25,000 USD

Lives Affected: 10,000


Team Members


Richard, Jayne Waithera Wairimu-Director of Positive Exposure, Chaski-Director, Kelly, George, Eila Saikaly-Film, Chimu