Please consider engaging your Recipients in the Sharing Process, yielding a better experience for you, the Donor. 

(Ethiopia – Community Engagement & Discussions below)


By asking:

“What do You Need”,

“How Can I Help?”

You provide Respect & Dignity and helped rebuild Self-Esteem in the individuals or Community.  This rebuilt self-confidence, allows the beneficiary to be more prepared to solve life’s next battle.

(Uganda – Community voting on certain projects below)


Letting go of control (A Western Issue)

Letting go of control allows you the donor to become involved and feel the benefits which the recipient feel, potentially even greater! This engagement is a wonderful courtship and increases the donor experience, which in turn increases the likelihood of YOU sharing again and again which sustains philanthropy. Compare this process to the lackluster sensation of donating to a huge organization? 

We’re here to help you, help them.

Alternatively, if you would like us to help you in this process, the Inti Raymi Fund would be interested in collaborating with socially responsible individuals, trusts, or foundations, who wish to make a difference in the world, but realize traveling to some of these remote and often dangerous places where crises are, do not fit well with you.

Transparency & $0 Costs:

We facilitate projects with no overhead, administrative fees or any costs whatsoever! (Chimu pays 100% of all costs)


If you simply wish to make a Donation below, please know I’ll risk life and limb, keeping it save traveling to our next location to share your gift with them.   Thank You – Chimu