CHIMU – Inti Raymi Fund Founder

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Chimu is a graduate of SMU with a B.B.A. in real estate and finance with a minor in international business. Chimu has a professional real estate background including over 35 years of experience with commercial finance, banking & brokerage, asset management, property management, construction management and wealth management. Chimu later went on to purchase and renovate apartment complexes, amassing a substantial apartment portfolio, which he retired from to create and grow the Inti Raymi Fund. Chimu is dedicating tremendous, energy and resources to expand the Inti Raymi Fund Globally.

Chimu’s interests include Archeology & Anthropology; however, the real treasures of the world are the local people visited around the world. Chimu is also interested in Antique Textiles and Ceramics from Lost Civilizations.  Chimu travels extensively with his wife, and 5 children, predominantly to underdeveloped countries fostering his children’s interest in helping others.

In his youth, Chimu was the Texas state weightlifting champion, multiple years and the Texas State Record Holder in Olympic Style Weightlifting.

Chimu Weighlifting Champion

Chimu is active in the sport of High Altitude Mountaineering with roughly 20 high altitude mountains summited. Included in this list are four of the “Seven Highest Summits of the World” including:

  • Vinson in the Antarctic @ 4,892m
  • Aconcagua in South America @ 6,961m
  • Kilimanjaro in Africa @ 5,895m
  • Elbrus of Europe @ 5,642m
  • Mt. Everest (attempts in 2012 & 2015)

Chimu on Vinsons


“Through my passion and search for others, I found myself”


I grew up fascinated with National Geographic Magazines and idolizing Indiana Jones. After a successful career in real estate and a number of years collecting Pre-Colombian Art, I needed to find out the art’s origin. Who created these sacred beautiful pieces of art, and why did these people disappear. During this same time, I was soul searching for the meaning of life, as I was rapidly approaching 50 years of age. Similar to the search of the origin of the Nile, I began this exciting but arduous task of finding these lost tribes and myself. I quickly became alarmed about how these communities were disappearing globally and also learned about humanity through helping others.

Along the journeys to Machu Piqchu, Angor Wat, Giza Pyramids, Teotihuacan Pyramids, Taj Mahal, and hundreds of other sacred archeological sites, tombs and museums, something very unexpected happened to me.

I accidentally fell in love with all the wonderful people who I met along the way, who so patiently and kindly guided me to these sites in search of answers. This manifestation changed my life completely. What I was searching for was right in front of me. The ancestors of these ancient sacred artists were those helpers, guides and friends I was traveling with and the same people were the answer to my personal journey – Compassion & our Connectedness.

I discovered my life’s special purpose, stumbling upon it, little by little, opening my heart and my wallet, helping those less fortunate. This is the meaning of life, the selfless service for others less fortunate. This change in your behavior will provide all the emotional riches in the world, to those who dare to Share.